Centra Showroom 1.57.0

Released on 4 of September

🥝 Added
  • Add prepacks functionality
  • If homepage is available the user will be redirected there after creating an order sheet
♻️ Changed
  • Delivery windows are now displayed on orders and order sheets pages instead of delivery date range
  • Multiple rows selection has been removed from table on "Orders"-page
  • Remove shipping address from orders sheets list
  • Add loading message to button on product modal
🐛 Fixed
  • Unit switcher is displayed in the same order
  • Display country name instead of country code in shipping addresses in checkout
  • Cloud icon in sync indicator is now displayed properly on search screen
  • Distribution tooltip now correctly handles user input
  • Plus icon in quantity cell is now properly aligned
  • User is no longer able to edit login credentials while logging in is in progress
  • Align 'Contact person' header to left

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