Centra by section

An overview


In Centra general menu options are defined in yellow. You can create reports, see your sales overview and browse and create everything product related.

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Retail / B2C

In Centra Retail / B2C menu options are defined in blue. You can see your retail orders, define categories, make vouchers, shipping rules, and your customers. There is so many things to see.

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Wholesale / B2B

In Centra Wholesale / B2B menu options are defined in green. You can see your B2B orders, create accounts, generate campaigns, create invoice templates and define shipping and payment terms. There is so much you can do.

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Store settings are rules that help you run your store the best way, you can change the way the store operates and create plugins that help you run your store to its fullest potential.

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Modules help connect your Centra with other third party services like invoicing and ERPs. It allows you to have a well informed overview directly in Centra.

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