An overview

Vouchers in B2C

Create vouchers to give to your customers or apply them automatically. The criteria you define with the results you wish to give. See which orders your voucher has applied to. Learn how.

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Bulk vouchers

Making a single voucher is great, but this will teach you how to generate hundreds or thousands of the same one with different codes to give your customers unique codes and see which voucher is used on which order.

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Campaigns in B2C

Campaigns or sales can be easily created in Centra based on specific markets or pricelists. Learn how easy it is here.

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Campaign sites in B2C

Some campaigns need a special landing site that might hidden/secret for some customers. You can do that in Centra too. Follow this guide to learn more.

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Gift Certificates in B2C

Sometimes customers don't want to buy something for a friend, but would want them to choose what they want to purchase. You can create gift certificates in Centra that customers can use to give as gifts. Read how here.

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Affiliates in B2C

Affiliate networks are a great way to get your brand out there using bloggers or other publishers and you can setup trackable URLs directly in Centra, here is how.

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