Before you create a store you need to have created the following features:

  • Default pricelist (to create a price list, click here)
  • Locales (creating a locale is done collaboratively with your service partner)
  • Default market (to create markets, click here)

Creating a store

  1. Click 'SYSTEM' in the bottom System navigation bar.

  2. Click 'STORES'

  3. Click '+STORE' in the upper-right corner and you will be redirected to this view

  4. Enter the following information:

    • Store Name
    • Default Pricelist
    • Default Market
    • Activated locale
    • Store Type
    • Store URL's
    • Store Correct URL
    • Store Correct URI
    • Enable backorders
    • Enable Delivery Windows
    • Direct Capture
    • Direct to Shipment
    • Send Order Receipt
    • Sent Shipping Confirmation
    • Autohold Frontend Orders
    • Editable Order Product names
  5. Click 'SAVE' in the bottom- or upper-right corner.

Next step

Once you have clicked 'SAVE' you will be able to scroll down to add Payment methods and Shipping methods or other plugins. To read more about how to add different plugins, click here.

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