An overview

Creating a Market in B2B

Markets are created in B2B with the intention of being able to segment your products with markets, they are applied to individual accounts. Learn more here.

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Creating Delivery windows

Delivery windows are going to be your most important B2B tool, this is where you create available windows to sell from. You add your products and market restrictions. Decide FIFO/LIFO and set dates of availablity. Learn how to create the right delivery window for your needs.

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Creating a B2B Pricelist

Pricelists in B2B are created with the intent of applying them to individual accounts. You need the price you sell for and the RRP. Read how to define these properly here.

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Creating a B2B category

Categories in B2B allow you to define how your products and the categories will be displayed in the Centra Showroom. Learn what you can do with them here.

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Creating Range shipping

Create a range in which different shipping costs can be applied based on what is in the customers basket. Here is how you create range based shipping.

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