An overview

About Centra

Hello, this is Centra, nice to meet you. Here you will find an introduction on what can be done in Centra, and some quick links to help you out. If you're new to Centra this is your one stop shop. Maybe you already know Centra, but want to refresh your memory.

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If you are being onboarded it means that you are a new client to Centra. You will have an onboarding manager to reach out to, but you can find out how to do things here. This guide will help you figure out the day-in-day-out functionality of Centra.

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The basics

Searching, Navigating order views and FIFO or LIFO, the three basic things you will need to know to have an easier time when getting started with Centra.

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The interface

Learn how to navigate your way around in Centra. Read this chapter to learn more about how Centra is designed to work.

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