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About this article

This article will explain how this support center and knowledgebase works. How the articles are organized and read in the best possible way.

The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a part of the customer support with articles explaining how to use Centra AMS in the best possible way. These articles are found either by searching in the knowledgebase, by clicking in the step-by-step Retail- and Wholesale instructions, or by clicking them in the different topics in the knowledgebase.

The articles are divided in the following sections to make it easier for you to read the articles:

  1. About this article - In the beginning of each article, there is a short summary that explains what this article is about: (See example below)
  2. Prerequisites - In some articles, you will find a Prerequisites-section. This section will explain if there are certain things you need to have created/completed before you can create what the article is about: (See example below)
  3. Content/Step-By-Step Guide - The next step will explain how the subject of the article is completed. Often with a step-by-step guide: (See example below)
  4. Next Step - In the end of most articles there will be a link to the next step in the process: (See example below)

At the bottom of each article you also find a "I found this article helpful" - button and a "I did not find this article helpful" - button. Please review the articles once you've read them and give us feedback on how we can improve our support.

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