Setting up time-controlled prices

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It is possible to define different prices for different delivery times. Here’s a guide on how to set it up in Centra.

Creating price alterations

  1. To configure the prices, under WHOLESALE in the main menu to the left, click 'More' and go to 'Pricelist'. Find Time-controlled price alterations button in the top right corner
  2. Click '+Create price alteration' to specify the set of prices for specific delivery time
  3. Fill in the form. It is important the the name of the price alteration is meaningful to you, as this is the name that will be displayed in all the places where you will be modifying the prices
  4. Choose Delivery start date and see which delivery windows were matched. When the product will be ordered for delivery window from this list, the price specified in the price alteration will be applied

    Price alteration will be applied to all of the delivery windows which “Delivery Start Date” is on or after the selected date. Delivery windows with “At once” setting will not be affected

  5. After you are done with editing, click 'Save'. Please note that you can have only one price alteration active at a time for each store.
  6. After creating a new price alteration, your view will change in all the places where you can edit the price. There will be additional columns added for Price and RRP for the new price alteration.

Specifying the prices

In all the places where it's possible to edit the prices, there are two additional columns for Price and RRP price that are applied for active price alteration. You can work with editing the prices in the price alteration columns the same way as in other columns. If there is no price specified for the price alteration, the price will be inherited from the base price.

Product details view

It is possible to edit the prices under Products in the main menu to the left, if you open the product and scroll down to the Wholesale attributes section. You can see that there are Price A and Price B for Preorder SS21 price alteration added.

Pricelist view

You can also edit price alteration from the Pricelists view. To do so, navigate to WHOLESALE > 'More' > 'Pricelist'.

Pricelist multi view

Price alterations are also displayed in Pricelists Multi view available under WHOLESALE > 'More' > 'Pricelist'> 'Multi view'.

For more information about editing prices, take a look at the article Editing pricelists in multiview.

Pricelist import

It's possible to import price alteration via a normal product import. To do so, go to 'Products' in the main menu to the left. Start by exporting the products that you want to update the price alteration for. Click 'Export' in the upper-right corner. In the extracted Excel file you will now see the added columns for price alterations: Fill it in and save it as a .CSV file and import it back into Centra by clicking 'Import'.

For more information about importing prices to products, take a look at the article Importing products in bulk.