About this article

Localization is used when you want to localize to a specific market or country where either your systems default language or English will not be enough. You can, for example, localize product content, categories, attributes and statics in Centra.

How to Localize in Centra

  1. In order for you to localize you need to have the language set up first. Learn how to do that here.
  2. Go to 'SYSTEM' > 'LOCALIZE' and click on the content you wish to localize then click the 'EXPORT' button (in this example we have exported categories).
  3. If step 1 is correctly set up you will get a file that looks like this: Each language that is available for localization will have its own column, add the localization there. If you have unique characters please read here on how to save your file otherwise you will need to save in the standard .CSV format Comma Separated Values (previously known as windows separated values).
  4. Once saved click '+IMPORT' in the localize view, select the store you wish to import to and keep the file encoding as the default selection, then click 'IMPORT FILE'.
  5. Repeat on each alternative until full localization is complete.
  6. Once imported, go to the Language setup and make sure that you set up your geolocations for the specific localizations.