An overview

DTC order information

You will need to see order information which is available per order. This will help you understand what you are seeing.

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Returns in DTC

At some point you need to be able to return products. You will learn how to process a return in Centra here.

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Creating document templates in B2C

Invoice templates are needed so that you can display your companies information on PDF documents given to customers, you can also customize how products will be displayed here. Learn more.

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Creating invoices in DTC

Sometimes invoices need to be created manually, based on templates created you can create free-text invoices and this is how you can do that.

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Using bulk actions in DTC

Doing things one at a time can sometimes be long and boring, but in Centra you can easily acehive many things via bulk action for multiple orders. Learn how best to use bulk actions.

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How to setup Subscriptions

You can now set up subscriptions in Centra and include the products that you would like to have available as part of a subscription plan. This article will show you how to go about it.

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Subscription order flow

Subscription orders can only be placed in the frontend webshop by the customer and will have the same flow as other orders but the intervals need to be specified. This article will show you how the flow can look.

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Subscription orders in Centra

Subscription orders will be visible together with regular orders but they will have a sub.ID to make them easy to identify. This article will show you how to go about it.

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The Omnibus Directive and Historic Best price

Sets new requirements for transparent pricing in e-commerce and means that online stores must display pricing history from the last 30 days if a product has been, or will be - discounted or given a promotional price.

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