Cancelling products from a B2C order

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When an order is created in Centra it will be listed among the other orders in the 'ORDERS'-list (under 'SALES' in the Retail and Wholesale section of the top menu). However, you will still be able to cancel and/or add products from/to you orders, even if they were previously created and confirmed. In this article, you will learn how to cancel products from a retail order. To read about how to add a product to a retail order, click here.

Cancelling a product

  1. Click 'SALES' in the Retail section of the top menu

  2. Click 'ORDERS'

  3. Select the order you wish to edit and scroll down to the 'ORDERED PRODUCTS' section

  4. Click 'CANCEL PRODUCTS' in the bottom-right corner and this pop-up window will open:

  5. Enter the quantity of the product you wish to cancel in the 'Qty' column

  6. Click 'CANCEL PRODUCTS' in the bottom-right corner. The products you have cancelled will be listed under 'CANCELLED PRODUCTS':

Next Step

If you wish to restore the cancelled products into the order again, click 'RESTORE PRODUCTS' in the bottom-right corner. Just enter the number of a product you wish to restore, but you can not restore more products than you have cancelled.

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