Creating returns in B2C

About this article

This article will guide you through changing products in an order.

Sometimes a customer would like to return an item because it is the wrong size or the quality is not the best, or maybe the product never arrived and you have to resend. This will guide you through the correct way to handle exchanges and resends.

The reason we create exchanges in this way is because that Centra will accurately calculate stock and ensure that all bookkeeping is balanced in relation to profit and loss.

Exchange due to faulty goods, incorrect size ordered or other returns

  1. Go to the shipment and click RETURN PRODUCTS

  2. You need to choose whether you remove items from stock or insert items back into stock, then click CREATE RETURN.

    Insert items into stock - This option can be used when you receive a returned product in where it is in a saleable condition, for example, just the wrong size.

    Remove Items from stock - This option should be used when you do not receive the stock back from the customer, or you do receive the stock back but it is not in a saleable condition.

    Please make sure not to click refund the money after creating your return!

  3. Once you have created the return go to the customer and click CREATE SELECTION. Add the item you are exchanging (another size or different product due to stock) then checkout.

    Processing an exchange in this way creates an order that is for your customer. It also deducts stock so that your stock levels remain accurate as well as balances your profits and losses.

  4. After you have done all this, you may return to the original shipment and click complete on the return. This will result in the exchange being complete but will not return any money to the customer.

Note*: Depending on your return policy, you may choose to refund money as well. But, once you refund the money - that’s it, you can’t un-refund the money.

Resending an order because items never arrived

This option is for the unlikely event that your shipment never arrives to the customer and you have offered to replace the order free of charge.

  1. Go to the Customer.

  2. Create a selection. Here you place a new order this is to replace the goods that did not arrive from the original order, once all items from the original order are selected you can click 'Checkout' to finalize the order.

  3. At the checkout stage, you should verify that all the information is correct and could add an internal comment which describes the reasons for the replacement order before clicking CREATE ORDER.