Bulk vouchers

Create the voucher as you would like to have it with information and entry points under PROMO > VOUCHERS then press Clone. Read more about how you create vouchers here.

Then you have two options:

  1. Select Normal > enter the number of clones > and select regenerate codes Yes. The codes will then be generated from Centra:
  2. If you would like the codes to look in a specific way, for examples 10 digits or a “bulk” text in front of the code you select List instead of normal:

And you paste the list with unique codes here and press CLONE:

To be able to generate for example 1000 random codes you go to this site: https://www.random.org/strings/ or any other equal site.

Fill in the information for example like below.

Generate: 1000 > Characters: 10 > Numeric digits: Yes > Lowercase letters: Yes > Each string should be unique: Yes > Get string.

Then you will receive you list with codes:

Copy the list and paste it into Centra.

Or copy it to Excel if you would like to create a prefix in front of the generated code. Enter the formula that is desired according to the example below to create the code with the prefix as you wish (="Bulk"&A1):

And copy the B-column into Centra.

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