Affiliates in B2C

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An Affiliate is usually an ad-network such as Affiliatebot or Valueclick. You can set up your connection to an ad-network using the following menu.

Creating an affiliate

To add an Affiliate, complete the steps below:

  1. Click 'PROMO' in the Retail section of the top menu.
  2. Click 'AFFILIATES'
  3. Click '+AFFILIATE' in the upper-right corner and you will be redirected to this view:
  4. Enter the following information:

    • Name - Name of the affiliate, which will be used internally only.
    • Code - Enter the secret code given to you by your affiliate.
    • Cookie expiration in days - The lifetime of the cookie placed by your affiliate.
    • Pixel type - Select whether it is a URL or Code Snippet.
    • Confirm image URL/confirm snippet - Enter the image URL or the Code Snippet that is given to you by your affiliate.
    • Send incoming visitors to - The default landing page is your web stores start page. However if you wish to send visitors from this particular affiliate network to an alternative page, insert that page's URL in the field.
    • Store - Select the particular store where you wish to attach this affiliate setup.
    • Currency conversion - In rare cases, your affiliate will require currency conversion before you send values.
  5. Click 'SAVE' in the bottom- or upper-right corner.

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