Centra 2.66.0

Released on 9 of December

🥝 New Features
  • Add return ID to transaction report
  • Now support hours in the Dashboard
🐛 Bugs
  • Fix shipping price in shippingMethodsAvailable when shipping is discounted
  • Add import statement, getItemUrl
  • Category product event update
  • paymentModules change getItemReference
  • Fix Order PDF template parameters (harmcode, harmdesc, ean)
  • Fix null data from get product display localization
  • Save shipping updates (the selection did not save itself if setShipping was called, which was causing payment mismatch)
  • Rename method set SQL to set DB
  • Wrong sizes when creating selection from return
  • Check update shipping price types
  • Create events for product update when adding product to campaign
  • Pass customer variable to KCOv1
  • Update stock check
  • Adyen checkout in IE11
  • Improve Ingrid integration and make it faster
  • Put on hold orders with payment mismatch
  • Set proper expire date if queue is empty
  • Remove usage of active flag
  • Respect SKU format setting in orders
  • Update Adyen CSE form checkout to the latest version
  • SyncExternal derived modules update
  • Reload vouchers in CheckoutAPI3
  • Fallback for stockCheck redirect URI
  • Backend with Ingrid sets shipping
  • Added support for sending state to Memno Apport/Unifaun WEB-TA
  • Set proper stock values in Athena
  • Update displays when updating categories in the product import
  • Refactor for unique filenames for async email files
  • Fix invalid dashboard values (visual bug)
  • Push events when campaign/category is cloned
  • Fix: Dashboard Bestsellers read last Order from ES instead of SQL
  • Improve speed of discount page load (on discounts that are connected to many orders, the order filter took a long time to load)
  • Update product BasicCache namespace
  • Do not require customer address to create PayPal session in KCOv3
  • KCO/Adyen optimizations
  • Sort available display items in PHP take2
  • Add language to basicCashe and add date to basket

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