Centra 2.48.0

Released on 20 of March

πŸ₯ New Features
  • Added attribute that enables auto refund to M3 config
  • Exposing additional data to Showroom API with a single account response. So market and pricelist will show up on the account details page
  • Support client inside might query to replace with DB-name of customer + allow the argument to what client to query
  • Tracking Number in Shipment Info is sent to KCOv3 order capture
  • Add option to filter orders on a warehouse in order filter. You can use warehouse:<warehouse name> to search for multiple warehouses and see which orders they are connected to
  • Force validate callback success for KCOv3. Additional stock check in KCOv3
  • Send Ingrid data to Athena so it will be clear what shipping the customer choose
  • Request ID for logging and X-Correlation-ID header. The request ID is a simple ID that should be unique for every request. All log messages made during that request will be tagged with the ID
  • Enable Ingrid "External_method_id" instead of Centra shipping codes
  • Changes to the wsaAddress structure Centra send to Athena. Send Ingrid carrier and service and pickup point to Athena from Centra
  • OrderApi is extended to allow refunds from returns
πŸ› Bugs
  • Hotfix: StoreProduct and Checkout API bugs fixes
  • Hotfix: KCO will require a phone number
  • Hotfix: product attributes did not show up in product request
  • Make sure that the address update URL in KCO V3 plugin is always defined, so Centra don't send double shipping to Klarna
  • Hotfix: Allow plugin-export URLs to not redirect to the showroom, and fix for Attribute select elements
  • Fixed: Show correct β€œTotal” order value excluding VAT for Sales Report
  • Hotfix: Crontab bug with lock time update
  • Hotfix: Klarna rounding issue fix, so it will match Centra amount
  • Hotfix: KCO price type, which caused errors with refunds
  • Fix: sales.classes - rename t_basket_delivery_refund table to t_basket_delivery_return
  • COGS export number format fix, so the column will show one format numbers
  • Fix: KCOv2 price rounding error
  • Hotfix: Change to "Send order receipt" in Create Selection since that is what is being sent. So it will be clear that this is indeed the Order Receipt you send in Order Confirmation.
  • Hotfix: Make Instagram-plugin not save already fetched articles
  • Error in warehouse query for ES cache
  • Visual bug for Stock only and link only delivery windows to create selection view
  • Hotfix: Sales By Product Report now works with multiple suppliers
  • Hotfix: Remove debug on account import
  • Hotfix: KCO doRefund logging fix to be able to catch proper information about Refund

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