Centra 2.67.0

Released on 23 of December

🥝 New Features
  • Add possibility to filter returns in OrderApi by customer ID
  • Possibility to sort on relevant columns and also filter per warehouse on Stock History filter
  • Possibility to see cancelled orders under a selector in the Stock Order filter, and also the possibility to filter on store (before you could only filter on store type)
  • Order history has new entries now from when an order is cancelled or restored. It will define what stock action was used
  • Start supporting Unifaun via Ingrid
  • Add CheckoutApi auth mode
  • Checkout API Redis preparation
  • Allow cart abandonment emails to be triggered when using KCOv3
  • Checkout API redis selection to order
  • Possibility to choose shipping method when making a selection from Centra
🐛 Bugs
  • Size Charts that had the value 0 for a size, when using valueCell, was empty. This meant that when "Product left" was 0 it did not show
  • Do not overwrite customer password when using KCO
  • Sales rep info was not seen in general order view until order was confirmed
  • Integrate more Order API and Ingrid
  • When deleting a customer, the check if the customer could be deleted was not checking for deleted orders
  • Define that distribution/prepack Size Charts has inputs
  • Downloading "show only selected" linesheets when some of the units had comma in their size names lead to errors in the linesheet
  • Product showed up as allocated even if it was shipped, Linklog integration
  • When using product-filter in Checkout API (POST /products) it showed the same variant numerous times based on how many related variants it had
  • Return cost was ignored by SIE4v2 module which caused the numbers to be wrong for returns that used them
  • Create Selection, make sure shipping override is float
  • Unit tests for Voyado failed locally due to wrong timezone
  • Send receipts only for previously set Voyado IDs
  • Faster order recache

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