Centra 2.65.0

Released on 13 of November

🥝 New Features
  • Extend tracking numbers endpoint into more data
  • "Replace Store" function is removed
  • Trigger product update webhook when manipulating products in Category view (adding product to category, removing product from category or changing the sort order in category)
  • “Allocate/Unallocate” batch-action can be filtered on products
  • Removing offers from Afound when removing it from Centra panel
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: PluginRepo returns null
  • Hotfix/discountapplyinfo value float cast
  • Hotfix: Queue refactoring and enabling better push events for localization
  • Fix market restriction for old cache
  • Add error if you use products/filter with only offset input and not quantity
  • Hotfix: Always send array to importProductFromCSV in selection import
  • Update to not continue with selection import if basket does not have any data
  • Order items not being properly merged after applying voucher
  • Fix market restriction for restricted section
  • Send Virgin Islands, British with comma to Fortnox

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