Centra Showroom 1.54.0

Released on 24 of July

🥝 Added
  • Add delivery dates next to delivery window in product details popup
  • Message saying that there are no shipping addresses is now displayed on checkout page instead of empty table. If user is a seller the 'Add shipping button' is also displayed.
  • Distributions popup has been added and connected to the variant.
  • Responsiveness on mobile devices has been improved.
♻️ Changed
  • Message saying that there are no lookbooks is now displayed instead of empty table on the lookbook page
  • Resize Orders and Order sheets table to fit more content on smaller screens
  • Buyers section is now displayed before shipping addresses in account details
🐛 Fixed
  • Set correct image aspect ratio in lightbox
  • Infinite page loading after deleting an order sheet
  • Do not display initial filters on page load
  • Fix issue with calculating prices in checkout.
  • Fix account dropdown elements position.
  • Style matrix scrollbars and fix matrix position in checkout.

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