Centra 2.52.0

Released on 15 of May

🥝 New Features
  • Added ability to filter product/stock on product, variant and stock item IDs in Order API
  • Removed the "view page" links from the bottom bar of the admin
  • Navision module renamed to SOAP API module
  • Adyen Checkout
  • Possibility to customize Supplier Order PDF. New functionality can be found under Invoices > Document Templates > +Supplier Template. Under +General Templates you will still be able to customize Proforma, Invoice, Credit note and Order Confirmation PDF's.
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: Make sure legacy smtp works
  • When order in Klarna is not found, the reload should only either create or dismiss the session
  • Hotfix: Fix sitemap.php - was missing use statement
  • Don't require sizetable in SOAP API if we can find it using stockID
  • Hotfix: Don't crash Miinto debug when a product has no sizes
  • Fixed vulnerabilities using the session manager + crawler in Burp Scanner
  • Count in return's tax deduction
  • PayPal changes transaction ID when doing capture. We made sure to update it so we use the same one when doing a refund. Otherwise PayPal will return an error - "Invalid TransactionID".
  • Labels can be downloaded from shipment popup again
  • Made incoming stock be displayed correctly
  • "View links" popup for accepted supplier deliveries now shows all linked orders
  • Hotfix: Autoconfirm order should send order confirmation

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