Centra 2.53.0

Released on 29 of May

🥝 New Features
  • Adyen Checkout, Add the ability to send shipping/billing/items and shopper related data
  • Make POST orders/filter endpoint accept string[] of statuses
  • MailChimp E-commerce integration
  • Expose if an invoice is locked in SOAP API Events_Get
  • Make it possible to read/write taxgroup via SOAP API
  • Convert Epay payment types to real names
  • Adyen Checkout live endpoints
🐛 Bugs
  • Fix Ingrid test to comply with the change in earlier RC
  • Pongo needs nginx version from BSD
  • Show correct placeholder in Expedite popup after search as well
  • Rounding errors for weight in OrderAPI
  • Make sure we do not reload the external script twice for Adyen Checkout
  • Hotfix: Navision module default settings
  • Hotfix: Handle when Navision module configuration is set after the module is included
  • Hotfix: missing orders in Showroom API when basket country = 0
  • Hotfix: Update JS to handle warehouse stock editor parts
  • Hotfix: Make sure adyen payment session returns an array
  • Hotfix: COGS reporting using country selectors
  • Hotfix: Adyen Checkout live endpoints
  • Shipping range + order Total voucher combo should be more predictable
  • Hotfix: SOAP API module configuration bugs fixed

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