Centra Showroom 1.47.0

Released on 17 of April

🥝 Added
  • Account and buyer information is now being displayed in order summary.
  • Option to export order data in Excel and CSV has been added to order summary page.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 09 04 04

🐛 Fixed
  • Displaying preferred shipping date and cancel date has been fixed.
  • Issue with inputing values into 2-dimensional size chart has been fixed.
  • Order quantities are now being updated after failed checkout.
  • The same checkbox is now being used in Order Sheet list Column controls as in the list.
  • Select units page matrixes have been adjusted to look better on smaller screens.
  • Preferred shipping and cancel dates are now displayed correctly for orders that are not going to be split by delivery window.
  • Pagination has been implemented instead of lazy loading on Order sheet list page.
  • The issue with order loader being always visible when selecting currently open order from order select popup has been fixed.

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