Centra Showroom 1.51.0

Released on 12 of June

🥝 Added
  • Display account ID next to account name
  • Add Orders and Order sheet pages
♻️ Changed
  • Remove list view feature flag
🐛 Fixed
  • Add loading while order list loads
  • 404 page has correct look across the browsers
  • Wrap filters in query in an object
  • Redirect to split order
  • Preset default shipping address on Review & Checkout page
  • Restore scroll position when navigating back to products list
  • Improve deleted products layout
  • Improve applied filters layout
  • Make matrix in product details non-editable when order is non-editable
  • Display total price and total units on order list
  • Fix application crashing when navigating back to products without order ID
  • Fix application crashing when directly visiting tools and settings pages
  • Improve application performance when viewing products list

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