Centra 2.60.0

Released on 4 of September

🥝 New Features
  • Add Account Market to report “Invoiced: per product”
  • Handle displayShippingAlternative parameter from API and send it to Ingrid, so they can show “free shipping” or not
  • Add return date to returnItemCreate in Order API, to be able to send return created date when using the Order API to create a return
  • Expose Folder in Order Api to be able to categorise products in third party integrations
  • Add Returns (read access) in Order API
  • ElasticSearch support for Dashboard “Bestseller” filter
  • UI Update: change VAT to Tax(es) on Dashboard
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: packinglist update
  • Fix fatal error about missing function
  • Ingrid fix to show proper shipping price in KRW
  • Hotfix: Soap make support for prepared brand/collections
  • Hotfix: Update KRW currency decimals in Rule
  • Unable to download shipping label #2. So now we will display only returned documents from external service
  • Linesheets fix for non-existing size

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