Centra 2.46.0

Released on 20 of February

🥝 New Features
  • Hotfix: SOAP API: Added comment field for each product in an order
  • Add language to selection and send correct locale to Ingrid
  • Add possibility to select PayPal in Klarna Checkout
  • KCO v3 Checkout as company
  • Image and product URLs in KCOv3 product lines
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: Invoices created from CLI always got invoice number 1
  • Hotfix: Send cents to KCOv3
  • Hotfix: Adyen transactions rounded wrong
  • Hotfix: SOAP API: orders_Update with should never change the prices on the order or shipment
  • PHP72 Remove notices from Link Logistic unit tests
  • Hotfix: Add Integration tests for Klarna and add mitigation if an order is not found or mismatches
  • Clone invoice for Retail customer
  • Hotfix: Link Logistics: Shipment CSV files will use cell phone number when the telephone number is blank
  • Fixed VAT miscalculation for returns
  • Hotfix: Fix fatal in the transaction report
  • Payment report group by the wrong field
  • Update Ingrid-siw-client to one that isn't broken
  • Do not display deletedProducts products if they were deleted…
  • Hotfix: Shop API and Checkout API: Require state for Klarna/PayPal only if state-tax is enabled and would affect prices

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