Centra 2.54.0

Released on 12 of June

🥝 New Features
  • Extended Order API: Add new data to /orders endpoint
  • Add OrderId into getShipments function
  • Extended Order API - Add info to /shipments endpoint
  • KCOv3 - added possibility to update external payment shipping address of customer
  • Showroom API - added order date to single order response to be able to see it on order summary page
🐛 Bugs
  • Changes to use inner join - as it was before, instead of left join
  • Hotfix: When creating a bundle (+Bundle), once you clicked "Save", it became a normal product. Upon clicking Save, it will now be saved as a Bundle product as it should
  • Hotfix to be able to filter orders by status "open"
  • Hotfix to raise the StoreProduct Elastic Search field limit
  • Hotfix in basket get shipments - use Basket, not AmsBasket
  • Fix to make bundles be allocated correctly
  • Prevent new orders to be connected to already accepted supplier delivery
  • Fix for undefined variable
  • Fix to not send order confirmation if order confirmation email is disabled and not triggered by admin
  • Use the same country in shipping confirmation email as on delivery
  • Improved way to decide if the store is shipping to a country, the ShipTo field. It no longer takes the "Shipping" field on the pricelist
  • Customer cache updates on order update
  • Display update after refactor was broken
  • Made Adyen Checkout to send GET
  • Always format prices as strings with 2 decimal digits
  • Return full delivery window data to frontend to be able to show start and end dates in Showroom

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