Centra 2.58.0

Released on 7 of August

🥝 New Features
  • SoapAPI: Deducting allocated/unshipped products from stock updates if setting is enabled
  • New field in Shipping Info to store “return slip tracking number” (OrderAPI and admin panel in centra)
  • Don't make buyers (B2B) inactive by default
  • Expose mappings in responses that containing products to the Showroom front-end
🐛 Bugs
  • Fix type of parameter in isStateTaxEnabled function
  • Hotfix: Handle empty attribute types
  • Hotfix: Agent filtering on dashboard
  • Hotfix: Updated table mappings multiple elements attribute logic
  • Hotfix: Athena variables change (AddVat / CurrencyPrice)
  • Hotfix: Payment mismatch correction to allow proper rounding
  • Visual bug fix - wrong styling of comment inside table content
  • Patch to make sure display items are unique and remove all duplicates
  • Afound orders triggered transactional emails when not supposed to. Fix was to stop sending transactional e-mails if order was created by marketplaces.

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