Centra 2.64.0

Released on 30 of October

🥝 New Features
  • Add prefixes to view filters in dropdowns, and add Store-filter to catalog
  • Add new account functionality
  • Add Pref. Shipping Date to orders visible in supplier module
  • SOAP for big files
  • Add bundle information to SOAP API order export
  • Added prepacks to order view and detailed spreadsheet batch
  • Find tracking numbers by zip and email
🐛 Bugs
  • Fix for wrong units from SQL TransformProducts
  • Hotfix: RC SQLi split by brand
  • Hotfix: Rounding error in taxcalculator caused payment mismatch in Klarna
  • Remove is_admin from adding products from ShopAPI
  • Add a proper field also for measureQuantity
  • Fix customer ID type
  • Bulk insert for store_product failed because of total fields limit
  • Hotfix: Return false in deliveryWindowsActive when deliveryWindowIds is empty
  • Hotfix: Fix Voyado voucher
  • Campaign filter fix and Afound fatal fix
  • Hotfix: Fix for issues from Centra fatals after release v2.63.0
  • Fix Klarna checker & undefined function setNewPriceList
  • Test for free shipping voucher and 2 voucher related issues fixed
  • BasicCache was not wiped when settings was change for plugin from ShowroomAPI
  • Hotfix: Afound localize and 'product not found' error
  • Fix for double slashes
  • Hotfix: Fix Voyado orders
  • Hotfix/disable ES centraconnect for now
  • Fix some marketplace related notices
  • Use BasicCache closure for store plugin fetching
  • Hotfix: newsletter product size now also visible on normal filter
  • Hotfix: Backend create selection
  • Hotfix: Make ShowroomAPI old order list also fast for small orders
  • Ignore setting Group By HarmCode for prepay invoices
  • Hotfix: Fix broken selection item endpoint
  • Fix so that tests are hopfully consistent
  • Shipping price did not update when changed in Ingrid Widget + some small needles in our eyes
  • Bug with tax in Master: Tax doesn't get set properly when changing country to a non-tax-rule country
  • Bug with vouchers in Master: Add test when order is actually finalized as it is garbled
  • Send Rulemailer triggers in correct order
  • Hotfix: Googlemap import bom

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