Centra 2.44.0

Released on 23 of January

🥝 New Features
  • Add option to save ZPL as EPL for Memnon Apport
  • Add free shipping parameter to the shipwallet url
  • Add g:pattern attribute for Google Merchant Feed users
  • Minimum password length for showroom API
  • Add system metadata editor for super admins + send it to pongo
  • Introduce CENTRA_ENV as the consolidating way to specify function-modes
🐛 Bugs
  • Better validation for catalog stock import.
  • Shipwire not populating serial no field in shipments
  • Buyer created email had no spaces between some words
  • Hotfix/Adyen notification not handled
  • Hotfix: Consignation module: Zipcode, sales rep and discount fields was not used for the invoice
  • Consignation module invoices did not show what user created them
  • Added additional check to prevent order duplication and did some code style/quality fixes
  • Shop API: Loading the Klarna checkout widget while another payment was in progress in another tab could result in an order without customer data
  • Adyen Make sure we do not capture multiple times when notifications come back at the same time
  • Showroom linesheet did not include all variants of a product display with multiple variants
  • Allow currencies that we cannot auto-update to be edited manually
  • Fixed refund value in the table Payment History
  • Hotfix order API refund on put shipment

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