Centra 2.62.0

Released on 2 of October

🥝 New Features
  • Marketplace store integration in Centra. Improved possibility to manage your marketplace store the same way you manage any other Retail Store in Centra. First integrated marketplace is Afound. More information: https://support.centra.com/centra-sections/settings/plugins/centraconnect-with-marketplace
  • Update for default shipping in pricelists. Now, you are not able to remove shipping which is default shipping for pricelist. Information about pricelist is visible in Summary box. To be able to remove shipping, you need to first detach it from the pricelist. But to make it easier we made pricelist name as a link to pricelist on the shipping summary, so you can go to pricelist configuration from shipping page
  • Fix to help the Athena module to get Shipping ID from Centra. It is taken from module config and matched against Ingrid identifiers
  • Send product URL to Rule.
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: Swap prv_sku and psi_sku
  • Added Variant SKU to Product SKU to make it visible in Order Linesheet
  • Hotfix: Proper category events (Regular, Multi-view, SOAP). Now, we're listening to the return-value of $sql->queryUpdate which gives us affected_rows. If this one is 0 after modifying the sorting of the product, we do not issue a category/update-event
  • Fix CS issues for Jenkins
  • Hotfix: Make sure existing displays are not ruined unless you want to. Import was changing existing displays even if no column mentioned anything about displays and it never cared if there were actual displays already in the store. The change now is to only run the auto-create-or-update-display-logic only if there is no display or if there are any columns imported that actually modifies the display
  • Sorting order of categories inside product/variant
  • Hotfix: Changes done to prevent delta updates of pricelists to affect other variations for the product.
  • Hotfix: Cache invalidate variation prices when updated
  • Hotfix: Primary warehouse should now be fetched on order in SOAP API
  • Allocation rule should send events
  • Transaction report: Voucher value ex VAT was not correct
  • Align customer table with proper zipcode length.

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