Centra 2.57.0

Released on 24 of July

🥝 New Features
  • Supplier name is exposed in Shop API. Possibility to be even more transparent for our clients and to display your supplier name on a product details page in your webshop.
  • Added additional metadata fields to the DHL xml request, updated the version to 6.2
  • The import with selected option “Import displays per variant” should only create each variant in each display, instead of also adding the additional variants as secondary display items in the display.
  • Return size mapping (translation tables) along with products in Showroom API. The mappings should be available in Showroom and be displayed as ‘size unit switcher’ in the FE.
  • Basic Tax Rule UI Improvements
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: getStartOfWeek was moved to another class
  • OrderAPI should return vouchers and automated discounts in the same way as CheckoutAPI
  • Hotfix: Support carrier and service in complete shipment
  • Make sure ingrid does not hijack attributes (keep the buffer between plugins
  • Hotfix: Increase notification wait on old KCO (v1) notifications
  • Hotfix: attribute ignore if empty Ignore to unpack attribute if it did not exist (Showroom API)
  • Hotfix: Showroom checkout state set error
  • Hotfix: OrderAPI update shipment (Order API tried to capture orders that were Deleted)
  • Hotfix: Static filter fatal
  • Create selection from Return filled out the wrong content. Changed the comment to get the right data and added return IDs in the ReturnFilter on the return section and on the shipment view.

  • Hotfix: static order copy. When user sent Order Confirmation or Order Receipt email from Centra AMS, email address that was configured as the copies' receiver did not receive email.
  • Hotfix: SOAP API fixes
  • Hotfix: SQL fatal error
  • Hotfix: Showroom fix for GTG shipping
  • More logs in KCOv2 and KCOv3
  • Hotfix: cell phone number for external shipment. Cell phone number did not go through to "External shipment" pop up window when phone nr was required

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