Centra 2.55.0

Released on 26 of June

🥝 New Features
  • Added to API call ...},"automation":"reset”} for RefundCompleted at the end of the API call. This will give possibility to send refund confirmation in RuleMailerV4 if needed
  • Possibility to search for part of SKUs in Showroom (e.g. SKU HELLO-123: 23, LLO-123, O-123, etc.)
  • Send order lines with doCapture call to Klarna Checkout v3 API. This will help to match orders easier and enable more information on Klarna receipt for end client.
  • Introduced an attribute-type to allow mapped attributes to have a selector of attributes in it, which allows you to select specific attribute as definitions.
  • Sending more Ingrid data to Rulemailer. It will be possible now to send Carrier and Service on order confirmation and Service Method on shipping confirmation with RuleMailer.
🐛 Bugs
  • POST orders/filter endpoint will return only orders belonging to the currently logged in buyer’s account.
  • Adyen plugin confusion. Notifications set up for using old Adyen-plugin would switch the order over from Adyen-Checkout to old Adyen-plugin.
  • Changes to handle URI if urlify is empty. Was causing problem with import of localization of categories and didn’t save the URI's.
  • Fix: Product categories weren't imported properly due to an error.
  • Fix wrong delivery window id’s in order response. Make `order.deliveryWindows` array of delivery window ids again.
  • Fix to be able to import non readonly attributes. Caused problem with saving imported attributes on variants.
  • Changes to use better names for Ingrid options shown inside Klarna Checkout v3
  • Hotfix: shipTo functionality - issue with deactivated shipping lists
  • Hotfix to start sending shopperEmail to Adyen-checkout, as it was not being sent before.
  • Hotfix: Klarna Checkout v3 external payment methods restrictions. Fix for an Issue with country restricted. Paypal plugin was restricted inside Klarna Checkout v3, and was not enabled for Sweden. It should not be the case in the future!
  • Hotfix: Authorize.net fatal error fix
  • Invoice sum in Centra and Fortnox were different. Fix made to make sure invoice item's original price is never lower than actual price
  • Hotfix: Make sure transaction report works without supplier module
  • Catch exception in Klarna Checkout v3 callback
  • Add presets for language config and send basket language in Klarna Checkout v3 API

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