Centra 2.49.0

Released on 3 of April

πŸ₯ New Features
  • Because Prolog decided to stop supporting HTTP and moving only to HTTPS starting April - Centra switched those URL's.
  • Memnon Apport plugin changes: made it possible to have a tracking link in the shipping confirmation emails.
  • Allow custom attributes in Order API and create selection
  • Extending data in Order API - shipment and payment terms, so shipment and order related integrations will receive more useful data.
  • Adding the summary of the "Products left" column in Supplier order filter
  • Adding showAsNew in Showroom API endpoints on discounted products. So FE will be able to display more product information in Showroom.
πŸ› Bugs
  • Hotfix: Making Dashboard map more proportional
  • Hotfix: Dashboard sql injections
  • Fix: Visual bug in create selection regarding delivery window type
  • Hotfix: Add alert for Ingrid conversion mismatch
  • Hotfix: KCOv1 to pass correct URLs under merchant URLs
  • Hotfix: Update linesheet size table v3
  • Hotfix: Possibility to use Ingrid inside of KCOv3
  • XSS: Make sure if data getting sent to the filter using the URL is properly sanitized for the HTML attributes
  • Hotfix: Fortnox should get valid data type
  • Hotfix: Fixing fatals in Navision and Cms
  • Hotfix: Linesheet from backend should use the same image size
  • Changes for ShopAPI: getShipments
  • Hotfix: change customer in invoice. When you clone and select another account the invoice won’t show the same buyer
  • Hotfix: SIE4v1 fix for broken file history paging
  • Send webhooks push when removing display from categories from the display view
  • Fix: Visual bug in order shipment total_weight
  • Adding missing columns from Forecast export

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