Centra 2.47.0

Released on 6 of March

🥝 New features
  • Hotfix: Ingrid: Added Deutsche Post parcel to the Unifaun conversion table
  • Send Ingrid pickup location and expected delivery date in transactional emails
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: StoreProduct and Checkout API bugs, improving ES work
  • Refactor of KCO product handling
  • Hotfix: Shop API product search improvement. This fix will split the search string into words and search for different matches of words that are included in the search, not just the direct one
  • Fix in transaction report with shipping and voucher VAT calculations
  • Hotfix - Fatal error in Checkout API3 fixed
  • Hotfix: The "create credit note" dialog used the wrong tax for refunds
  • Hotfix: Deploy-script use the proper vms-dirs so initial deploy doesn't break. This fix will make sure the vendor-moving works the first time the server is setup.
  • Fix ES "too_many_caluses" exception
  • Prevent overriding RRP price for ShowroomAPI
  • Showroom fix Linesheet generator for flag ShowStockValues=false. On the Linesheet PDF, there will be an empty table to fill out stock values manually if 'show stock values' option was turned off.
  • Hotfix: Make sure password-reset and order-links works properly from the backend for Showroom
  • Hotfix: Showroom API future stock used the delivery windows sale end date, not the end date, to get future stock from suppliers
  • Hotfix: StoreProduct collection send as number and ES bulk errors be sent to pongo
  • Hotfix: Prolog should mark canceled orders as done
  • Fix Rulmailer transactional email with refund confirmation, will show the returned products in separate lines, instead of listing them in one row.
  • Hotfix: More StoreProduct Elastic Search fixes, and improved logging of ES errors
  • Hotfix: StoreProduct did not check if the brand of related products was activated in the store
  • Hotfix: Invoice payment links for the old showroom with DIBS payment did not work

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