Centra 2.50.0

Released on 17 of April

🥝 New Features
  • Possibility to download orders in Showroom in Excel and .csv formats
  • Voucher name added to the API response, that will help frontend to display not just voucher codes, but also voucher names
  • More information added User Agent in KCOv3
  • Send price and discount per cart item to Ingrid. It should help to have more customizable Ingrid integration based on sales etc.
  • New field 'isAgent' added on showroom API login endpoint, so the frontend will know if the user is an agent and will be able to provide a better experience for them
  • Possibility to import quantities to a Supplier Order based on EAN codes. So users that work with purchasing in Centra now will be able to import a .csv file in the Supplier module and that will help them to populate a purchase order with quantities. It can be in two formats, either EAN, Quantity or SKU, Variant, Size, Quantity

  • Send EU countries as billing_countries in KCOv3
  • Expedite dialogue window have now option to display only allocated units, a feature which will only show the stock values of what's allocated to the order. Added an “Empty fields" option above the already prefilled values. Clicking it will empty the fields but will still show the placeholder value.
  • Delivery window setup was updated. There were troubles distinguishing between physical delivery time and sale dates. Now you have two timespans: Delivery start Date - Delivery End Date and Sale Start Date - Sale End Date

    Delivery timespan is the period of the time when the order is being dispatched. It should be linked to Supplier order ETA when using stock/link on Delivery Window.

    Sale timespan is the period of time when the Delivery Window is open for orders. It is visible in create order sheet pop up window in Showroom, and buyers can create orders for that Delivery Window.

🐛 Bugs
  • Prevent issues with Swedish characters
  • Add spacer between delete and info in payment history
  • Ingrid: fatal error when externalMethodId was null
  • Linklogistik didn't complete shipment properly if it had been updated
  • Hotfix: DHL integration: The weight of packages was not calculated correctly
  • Hotfix: Remove attached files from the invoice export when exporting multiple invoices
  • Inventory Report should now show the same value for physical stock (and allocated) as the stock page
  • KCOv3 fix ES locale
  • Fix for PayPal in KCOv3
  • Hotfix sie4v2 rounding errors in transactions fixed
  • Hotfix supplier fill type
  • Hotfix proper filter sanitization
  • Hotfix: Bring back status-icons in Supplier module
  • Hotfix: Prolog remove header parse
  • Set-cookie on refresh also needs to get secure/httpOnly and path
  • Hotfix: Refund always had success in response even if payment plugin said no
  • Fix: saving empty plugin no longer cause a fatal error
  • Hotfix: Error when triggering Store Product Cache from display events
  • Hotfix: Auto mark free shipments as paid
  • Hotfix: Make sure that Order Confirmation email is triggered when batch-creating shipments from orders
  • Hotfix: Image resolver used the wrong param in a parameterized query
  • Switch ac_id to BIGINT instead of INT, no reason only limit to 32 bit
  • Hotfix: No exception for fetching queue data in payment result + Only approve if it matches the current order

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