Centra 2.61.0

Released on 18 of September

🥝 New Features
  • Return flag isEnforced in Products Prepack Variants, to make Prepack functionality work in Showroom
  • Add detailed SKU's for Rule (Product SKU, Variant SKU and Size SKU)
  • In Showroom plugin configuration, it is now possible to choose whether sku field (variant SKU) should be prefixed by product SKU (default) or not
  • Add Shipping Cost and Other Costs to the report with method Supplier module: Report
🐛 Bugs
  • Fixed cost/pcs base field in report method Supplier module:Report
  • Change font for Lithuanian language
  • Edgecase in SOAP SizeAction. Problem was with correct Size Chart in Centra, but without mapped IDs. So when update was run again it gave errors because it could not add a size that already existed. Now it mapps that size instead.
  • Hotfix: wrong parameter type passed to ProductImport::productStoreItemAutoCreate
  • Hotfix: fix broken attribute proper base
  • Hotfix: ES errors because of updated attributes
  • Hotfix: ES StoreProduct exceptions fix
  • Hotfix: Make “Bestsellers” filter collection search work again
  • Hotfix: cancelShipping method added to DHLv1. ShippingPluginAbstract called some methods that do not present and are not declared abstract. Because of this, some shipping plugins extending it where missing, some of them without Centra knowing
  • Hotfix: Table mappings now work with ES
  • Remove discount/shipping from Cancelled Products since it was information relevant only to the current order, not the cancellation
  • Very unclear name for Voucher Action meant free shipping - fix to make it clear by setting the name properly (from “Shipping” to “Free shipping”)
  • Fix for undefined offset 1
  • Update import for multi variant products, fix custom attribute import
  • Hotfix: orderAPI stock endpoint slimdown. Stock endpoint is supposed to be very slim, excluded are some of the data that can be configured to be returned in "get products" from plugin settings and folder
  • Hotfix: Import attribute bugs (set proper difference between product/variants)
  • Return tableMappings as a map instead of array
  • RC Hotfix: Filter view all gives fatal error
  • Hotfix: showAsNew is returned as true when there’s a campaign setup on the product and ‘news’ checkbox is ticked (Showroom)
  • An issue with free shipping voucher - shipping method price was not 0 after applying the voucher and the total shipping price was not 0 in response from shipping-method endpoint is now fixed

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