Centra 2.51.0

Released on 30 of April

🥝 New Features
  • "Company registration ID" - "Company Address" and "EC-VAT no." fields from order added to SOAP API
  • Possibility to make a refund of payments made through ePay v2 integration from inside Centra.
🐛 Bugs
  • Add patcher-files for pyramid and make sure column exists in Order view with ElasticSearch
  • Recache migration should be dispatched in the end
  • Retrieving default size name from the list and added type hinting
  • Order Linesheet generator fixed in the case when a product does not have a Delivery Window
  • Delivery Window name shows normal Swedish Characters in order confirmation PDF
  • Not possible to refund with no products to return
  • Expedite shipment window update: Items in warehouse view default should be to be filled with the option to empty the fields.
  • KCOv2 checking if update variable is not empty
  • Error in Klarna Checkout v3 age restriction has been fixed
  • Klarna Checkout with "direct capture" but without "direct to shipment" has been fixed
  • Showing error message for supplier selection import when not having a file
  • Epay v2 disable callback URL option
  • Centra send prices as ints to Ingrid

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