Centra 2.63.0

Released on 16 of October

🥝 New Features
  • Possibility to download linesheet with units from all possible places in Showroom
  • Enabling Redis sessions with locking (alternative storage session)
  • Voyado returns are sent to /receipts endpoint (only Members)
  • Added member type in Voyado plugin, not only transactionalContact
🐛 Bugs
  • Hotfix: Return false in deliveryWindowsActive when deliveryWindowIds empty
  • Hotfix: Fix unknown column in report, happened when someone didn’t select the delivery field in the fields list
  • Fix for 0 as a shipping ID when creating a new pricelist
  • Hotfix: Missing URL prefix in BasketDeliveryRepositorium
  • Hotfix: Fix default params for Rule
  • Hotfix: Fix empty events for cache update
  • Hotfix: Added product mappings for accepting products
  • Hotfix: Fix category update event
  • Use string as cache key
  • Hotfix: Make invoice list faster in backend
  • Fix size attributes generation for Marketplaces
  • Hotfix: Fix logic for item group ID for Facebook feed
  • Hotfix: Do proper Salesrep commission replace
  • Hotfix: Make sure QA and PROD sessions are namespaced
  • Fix to discount actions: “sorting”. Actions (DiscountParamGroups) did not sort according to their sort while adding a more advanced voucher to test case
  • Hotfix: Ensure variant specific fields are always arrays before looping through them
  • Product fetch filter: removed unnecessary file sort from variant attributes subquery. This should help make product filter a bit faster.

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