Centra 2.45.0

Released on 6 of February

🥝 New Features
  • Add SKU to the InvoiceItem node in SOAP-API
  • Add a setting in showroom plugin to redirect the old showroom to the "new" showroom.
  • Shipwire integration: Support for multiple warehouses (CCT-348)
  • Localized product data from StoreProduct plus filtering on "show as new" CCT-320
  • Don't use t_customer_key (the old way of exposing passes to admins) and empty it
🐛 Bugs
  • Language code field now accepts up to 32 characters
  • CCT-329 Showroom Product LineSheet. Fixed layout style
  • Fix for export of delivery documents
  • Fix Miinto feed showing ampersand correctly
  • Fix for tax miscalculation in invoice create window
  • Hotfix select a proper payment method for nav
  • Make sure that a partial delivery is captured partially in Klarna if captured from ERP / 3PL
  • Hotfix marketplace undefined parameter
  • Hotfix cms add link button
  • Elasticsearch automatic mapping of the CMS would sometimes see text fields as dates.
  • Only listen to Shipping cost from Klarna if you have Shipwallet active inside it
  • Hotfix Showroom API would crash if you tried to delete an order that does not exist
  • Renamed Order API
  • Hotfix/only send the value to Klarna
  • Hotfix: Fix column type - problem with an open report in MS Excel
  • Hotfix: Add Mexico City state code
  • Hotfix: Add delivery window id when exporting wholesale order sheet
  • Hotfix Don't send + sign to DIBS payment window since it will break
  • Hotfix: Shipwire missing use statements
  • Hotfix for currencies in CheckoutAPI/countries endpoint
  • Fix - duplicated product in RelatedProducts API response
  • Checkout API country list without market and pricelist
  • It was not possible to create a new store

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