Centra 2.91.0

Released on 14 of December

🥝 New Features

  • Added possibility to use Time-Controlled prices. Either to add them manually, through an import file or via the SOAP API
  • Updated functionality for Sharable Order Links in B2C
  • Rule updates
    • Centra will be added as a subscriber source
    • All product attributes are sent to Rule on every call
    • You can now send subscribers to Rule for subscription on a Product size. Can be used as a tool to simplify “Back in stock” emails
  • Integration API updates
    • Allocation rule data updated with GeoPrio in Integration API
    • Implement mutation that updates token data
    • It is now possible to ge a webhook for Returns
  • New category mapping structure for Afound marketplace integration
  • Add cart_id to Ingrid session request
  • Add "Original Percent off excl campaign" action to vouchers so that you can create a vouchers that totally ignores campaigns

🐛 Bugs

  • Delivery window data will now be correct in the order summary in the SOAP API
  • Updated ISO code currency sent to Rule. Previously we sent it with a suffix which caused problems for FE
  • Centra sent multiple times orders to M3
  • Custom attributes were not returned correctly in the Showroom API
  • "Add product" section of the order page is now using the new tax logic
  • Some attributes were pre-filled when adding new product, setting can be changed in client config in the setup of the attribute

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