Centra 2.87.0

Released on 5 of October

🥝 New Features

  • Send Return fee to Rule
  • Add separate fields (OrderCurrency and OrderSum) on orders and returns in Rule
  • Add possibility to select which image size that is sent to Rule
  • Possibility to clone Vouchers with the same code in Order API & add validation in Centra AMS
  • Rename Warehouse Group to Allocation Rule in Centra AMS
  • Add possibility to search for multi attributes in Centra AMS
  • Add ability to add comment in CheckoutAPI auth-mode
  • Add PwnedPassword check on login + updating admins + Add ability to force change a password on sign in
  • Create an endpoint for zip archive on images from the order
  • Add new columns to report Supplier Module:Intrastat Report:
    • Product Total
    • Supplier
    • Ref (from Order)
    • Other (from Shipment)
    • Order ID (from Supplier)
    • Delivery ID (from Supplier)
    • Warehouse/Destination
  • Stripe Payment Intents documentation is now available. Now we support Apple Pay/Google Pay/Microsoft Pay and Samsung Pay

🐛 Bugs

  • Report Sales:Backlog displayed wrong variant
  • Problem with Variant cache in Centra AMS
  • Checkout optimisation
  • Order API functionality “Additional store” didn’t work for products fetching

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