Centra Showroom 1.77.0

Released on 29 of June

🥝 Added

  • Support for multiple variants in multiple delivery windows



  • Search field was added to the product filters

♻️ Changed

  • Change sold out badge color
  • Searching for a product in search overlay now also returns Sold out products
  • Invoices with status cancelled are no longer displayed in the Showroom

🐛 Fixed

  • Respect specific prices for delivery window when displaying price for variant in matrix
  • Currency formatting is now respected in the checkout
  • Prevent checkbox and radio buttons from shrinking
  • Fix overflowing attributes on products grid
  • Fixed: Bug with products being shown as out of stock in Create selection or Add products when choosing multiple delivery windows
  • Fixed: Bug with 0.00 price being displayed sometimes when refreshing product details page
  • Fixed: Issue with not being able to access product details page through shared link as an anonymous user
  • Expired delivery window icon is no longer displayed in closed orders

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