Centra 2.68.0

Released on 6 of January

🥝 New Features

  • Sitoo will fetch updated stock more frequently. Add a new stock_modified param to OrderAPI /stock endpoint, which allows to fetch only products changed since provided date
  • Send information to Stripe that it is the Centra plugin that is the caller and specify which version of Centra it is at the moment of the call to make debugging easier
  • Allow to set language for customers only registering to newsletter and pass customer language (if it is set) to Rule
  • Add sizeComment to GET /products OrderAPI response
  • Add duty account number to DHL requests
  • Add possibility to complete Return via Order API without Refund

🐛 Bugs

  • Address info was not saved correctly when using PayPal and Klarna in conjunction
  • Hotfix: Create selection popup was empty due to a refactoring error
  • Update shipping price from Ingrid when there address change happens in widget
  • Hotfix: Product import via SOAP API will have extra check when searching variants by description
  • Order line got discount from cancelled campaign
  • Fix shipping selector in Centra admin panel
  • Remove real requests from help URLs for ShopAPI
  • Hotfix: AMS checkout type fatal
  • Hotfix: Fix fatal when trying to check if voucher is valid when applying it
  • Hotfix: Missing value in shipping selector with hidden field
  • Hotfix: Wrong tax value on invoice with truncated bundles
  • Add CI-tests for KCO3+CheckoutAPI, KCO1, Klarna, DIBS, epay
  • Hotfix: Product import in SOAP API can handle external size ID being 0
  • Hotfix: M3 integration preorder bug in fix-availability
  • Hotfix: Missing product information on invoices
  • Make delivery and customer recache faster
  • Hotfix: increase Ingrid default request timeout to 5s
  • Add pickup date to Memnon plugin (Unifaun Web TA)
  • Hotfix: Remove check for valid country for orders with no country selected

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