Centra 2.79.0

Released on 15 of June

πŸ₯ New Features

  • Invoices UX adjusted to work better with bundles
  • Enable Stripe Connect functionality
  • Add form restrictions fields to subscription/email trigger integrations
  • Expose product creation date in Checkout API, Shop API & Order API
  • Add bundle original price in transaction report as a separate column
  • Add error messages for bundles when products, variants or sizes on product are inactive
  • Change β€œVAT” name header to β€œTax” in all related reports

πŸ› Bugs

  • UI fixes for bundles
  • Fix type error when trying to find payment method
  • Hotfix: Give Centra user access to all modules
  • Make sure inserted_id also gives back orderNumber on UPDATE
  • Bug fix for FedEx error, when package items are lighter than 0.1 kg/lb
  • Fix: Handle broken images in linesheet
  • Hotfix: use correct Request class when exporting report in Centra
  • Hotfix: Missing import added
  • Hotfix: Authorize integration updated to new way of selecting currency
  • Hotfix: Send currency as 3 digit string in DibsFlexWin plugin

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