Centra 2.88.0

Released on 19 of October

🥝 New Features

  • Possibility to clone voucher with the same code in Order API
  • Possibility to set stopDate when cloning the voucher on Order API
  • Add events on webhook for localization/translation of product details
  • Add search for partial product name in Showroom
  • Support for different languages in newsletter / transactional emails in Rule
  • Removed free products type from gift certificates
  • Improved attribute support in StoreProduct cache
  • UI corrections to Brick & Mortar attributes
  • Allocation Rule info on Markets
  • Check First warehouse type
  • New Integration API

🐛 Bugs

  • Add states to India and fix PayPal orders
  • Facebook feed was showing products with cancelled display
  • Klarna error with invalid order id
  • Tax calculation of shipping bug on invoice
  • Delete market did not remove the market from Elastic Search account on the listing
  • Product search on SKU was not working in Campaigns
  • Adding/changing/removing display relations only triggered a webhook for one of the products
  • Make elastic search to search for accents

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