Centra 2.84.0

Released on 24 of August

🥝 New Features

  • WHOLESALE - Exposed invoices of the account in one endpoint
  • Add CustomerRegistered email type to Rule
  • Add OrderCancelled email to Rule
  • Botstop for Rule in Checkout and Shop APIs
  • Gift certificate code to Rule
  • Add ForgotPassword email to Rule
  • Warehouse attributes updates:
    • Warehouse ID
    • Priority field changed to Sort Order
    • Allocation policy
    • Stock ownership
    • Stock master
    • Consignation and Account selection
    • Threshold/Offset
    • Warehouse location
    • Transfer stock update
  • SKU is now shown in order history
  • Instagram integration update

🐛 Bugs

  • KCO receipt snippet missing from recurring payments feature
  • Update exception error handling for bundles in Centra AMS
  • Send all prices to Ingrid with 100 denominator
  • TrackingNumbers in ShopAPI endpoint created huge tempfiles
  • M3 integration did not support multiple shipment lines of same size sku
  • Create model BasketShipping
  • Error with SelectionEntity
  • Errors connected to foreign key update
  • Free product voucher issue

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