Centra Showroom 1.71.0

Released on 6 of April

🥝 Added

  • Possibility to sort products by delivery window within category has been added
  • Delivery windows are now displayed in the correct sort order in filters and on product details page
  • Mark expired delivery windows and display error message when user tries to check out with expired delivery window
  • Add date pickers limitations

♻️ Changed

  • Edit, delete and share icons are now moved to the bottom bar and placed next to the order sheet selector
  • SKU on the line sheet pdf is now darker

🐛 Fixed

  • Issue with overflowing Country of origin attribute behaviour was fixed
  • Issue with being able to choose Preferred shipping date from the past has been fixed
  • Issue with shipment number covering shipment status was fixed
  • Issue with filters not being applied properly after refreshing the page with filters query was fixed

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