Centra 2.77.0

Released on 18 of May

🥝 New Features

  • Tax Classes functionality in order to support better tax exemption
  • Updated bundle UI and enabled by default (beta version). Read more about how to create bundles here
  • Selector with list of audiences that can be selected for Subscribe and E-commerce plugin for Mailchimp
  • New webhooks for Accounts, Customers, Orders and Shipments
  • Back in stock functionality in Checkout API
  • Added measurementChart events + recache trigger for StoreProducts. Support also added for inheriting of measurement charts on Products. It will help to update measurement charts automatically on Products if the measurement chart was updated itself

🐛 Bugs

  • Fix: currency amount was not properly rounded to denominator in Stripe PI
  • Add proper Centra reference as description of payment on Stripe PI
  • Select correct shipping in API (error with multiple shipping methods with the same URI but different countries)
  • Hotfix: add LabelStockSize for more formats in UPS shipping
  • Fix negative stock deliveries
  • Send 'goods value' (order total) to Unifaun
  • Check proper ipAddress of placed Order when it's provided in the checkout
  • Hotfix: properly handle UPS label in .zpl format

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