Centra 2.92.0

Released on 28 of December

🥝 New Features

  • Improved search in Checkout and Showroom APIs. Possibility to search for non-Latin characters, matching Latin to non-Latin characters, and proximity matching of phrases
  • Previously all users could unlock invoices. Now we've added the possibility to set a restriction on user level that controls whether a user is able to unlock invoices or not (System > Users)
  • Re-named ProductSKU to SKU in the Showroom API plugin
  • Saved ISO code for plugin locale restriction in the Centra AMS

🐛 Bugs

  • Take sales reps data from basket to sales rep relations
  • Take into account when market or pricelist has any geo-locations while validation in the checkout

❌ Removed

  • Unsupported options in vouchers have been removed

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