Centra 2.90.0

Released on 30 of November

🥝 New Features

  • New payment integration with Adyen Drop-in
  • The "View all" button has changed name and will from now on be called “Show more”. We've also added an auto limit for 1000 rows on listings in the Centra AMS. After 1000 rows, you'll have to click next page
  • A separate webhook for the event of a return has been added
  • Integration API updates
    • Order History
    • Supplier Module

🐛 Bugs

  • Improvement of loading time for big listing pages. So Vouchers and Products should be loading much faster now
  • Fixed “Inventory: by Warehouse Report” that showed wrong “Allocated values/pcs” value, when all warehouses were selected
  • Fixed “Inventory: by Warehouse Report” that showed wrong stock on Product level
  • Make disabled size on Bundle to not be visible on frontend, by removing stock on Bundle
  • Send state name, and not only ISO code to Voyado on orders
  • Update memory usage and StoreProduct cache
  • The Summary on the Supplier delivery after “Accept” has now been fixed
  • Supplier orders with over 10 000 products are now much faster
  • Size SKU, EAN, and Comment can now be updated via the SOAP API
  • Invoice emails will now also be registered in the email history on order level
  • "Inventory: by Warehouse Report" will now show the correct stock on the Product level

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